Re-Imagining Rural Healthcare  
and Medical Education

* Rural Medical Campus: Muddenahalli Village, Chikkaballapur District, Karnataka

Medical Education in India

The Scenario

-- Extremely competitive entry, limited seats
-- Burden of education loans & financial obligations
-- Inconsistent Curriculum and Teaching Quality
-- Graduates forced to pursue lucrative urban jobs
-- Unaffordable for poor & rural students

Building The First Free Medical College in India

The Bigger Picture

Heavy Financial Burden, Lifetime Investment & Limited Access

Statistics Say

India’s Population is
30% urban & 70% rural
but for Medical Education,
Incoming medical students are
90% urban & 10% rural (approx)

Major shortage of doctors in Rural India

According to Article by on December 12, 2015 - Vol 386

India Struggles with Rural Doctor Shortages, Although the number of health facilities in rural areas of India have increased during the past decade, convincing doctors to work in them remains a challenge.

WHO recommended doctor : patient ratio

average ratio in Rural district of India

Why Free Healthcare & Education

The only long-term Sustainable solution

- Free-of-cost Health, Nutrition, Education were basic human rights in ancient India

- Purity and Integrity of Purpose

- Inspired students & faculty.

Model is Self Sustainable

- Free-of-Cost model successfully implemented in India and USA (eg. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, Ramakrishna Mission Educational and Healthcare Institutions, India)

- Initial investments from donors, Foundations, Government schemes, Corporate CSR

- Self Sustained by insurance payments, Societal Goodwill, alumni and former patients.

How the Free Medical College sustains Itself

* To support graduation of 100 Medical Students each year

Alumni & Beneficiaries will also contribute over the longer term Societal Goodwill Contributions will continue to scale with time.

Rural Heathcare for All

Giving is Receiving

The Doctor for Doctor, Rural Education Program

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM $6,000 / YEAR for 5 years

Given in donor’s name to educate one rural doctor.

Rural Students for Rural Impact

Education followed by Mandatory Rural Medical Service

Admissions Policy

- Rural India students: Selection priority for Free Medical Education
- Family income/assets below specific threshold

Undergraduate Education + Rural Service

- Bond for 5-year rural practice after 5-year MBBS degree Or payback the full cost of 5-year medical education

Postgraduate Education + Rural Service

Bond for 3 years of rural practice after 3-year Specialty training Or pay back the full cost of 3-year Specialty education

Timeline of a Medical practitioner for Rural Impact

The Big Plans

Sarla Memorial Hospital now has 360 beds. Completed in August, 2021.

Rajeswari Memorial Academic Block to be Completed by March, 2023.

400 Bed Teaching Hospital Block to be Completed by 2024.

Educating a new generation of Rural Healthcare Professionals

- Promoting academic excellence combined with the values of love, compassion & gratitude.

- Free Medical Colleges with increased accessibility for rural students.

- Inspired doctors who want to go back and serve their communities or stay & serve in the mission.

* Rajeswari Memorial Academic Block

To Support the Full Medical Scholarship for a student:
$6000 / year for 5 years, or $500 / month for 5 years or $30,000 one-time.

The medical seat will be shown as a sponsored seat by the donor -eg. Mr./Mrs. ABC. Click on the Form to support a Medical Student. Download Form

Funding Required for 150 Beds for Medical College:

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Doctor for Doctor

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