Heart to Heart with
Sunil Gavaskar

USA Tour 2019

Dependability went by this name when he was on the field, and grit and guts had a brand new persona. Sunil Gavaskar, the hero of hope for an entire generation, is on his US Tour for 2019.

Meet the iconic captain whose flair and determination bowled over fans across the world.

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New Jersey | Atlanta | San Francisco | Seattle | Louisville | Indianapolis | Fort Wayne | Chicago

USA Tour 2019

A seasoned sportsman whose experience spans 16 years on the field and 30 years as a commentator, Sunil Gavaskar brings to the tour wisdom on professional and personal fields – leadership, perseverance, personality development, mentoring, and above all, emotional intelligence.

Engage in a freewheeling conversation with the cricket legend where he will share interesting anecdotes and inspiring experiences. Interact with Sunil Gavaskar and tap into his wealth of wisdom on leadership, career, and life and take away insights on how to learn, lead, and live.

You also get to take away cricket bats and other memorabilia signed by Gavaskar as souvenirs of a memorable event.

What is at the heart of this tour is a noble cause to give hope where the future is now bleak. All proceeds from the event will go towards Heart to Heart Foundation to help transform the health of under-served children in India with congenital heart conditions.

Be a part of this change.

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Los Angeles

The Yellow Chilli 7850 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, California
28 September 2019

Los Angeles

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Insights from the Legend

How do you overcome the crippling obstacles in your path? How essential is self-motivation to succeed? How do you manage expectations, others’ and your own?

Listen to Sunil Gavaskar’s inspiring answers on these and many more topics.
Attend the event to hear the champion’s thoughts on cricket, leadership, and more.

Why Adaptability is Crucial for A Leader

What Makes A Good Leader

Transitioning and Change Management

Importance of Staying Unbiased

Managing Big Expectations

How to Perform and Prove

How to Cope with Success

How Endurance Can Make You the Best

A Leader Needs to Learn the Art of Pressure Management

How to Motivate your Team


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